Erin Langley is an artist working and living in Missoula, Montana. She received her B.F.A. in Painting from the University of Montana in 2018. She is originally from Eliot, Maine. 


My work is best understood as condensed history: remnants of activity that can be traced back to the actions of the maker. Found materials and physical marks in the form of drips, globs, gouges and cuts suggest these works are both object and subject. As objects, these paintings and drawings are accretions, built up through a process of accumulating layers. While the composition is resolved, movement and process are still evident thus giving them the presence of living subjects.

Using the dense and dramatic compositions associated with baroque painters, I use raucous, oversaturated colors and thick, tactile paint to develop a surface of visual information that teeters between solid design and implosion. Whereas baroque painters prized clarity of narrative to tell a story, I paint abstractly because I have found that abstraction is the most direct way to communicate the ineffable glut of daily life.

My intention is to sympathetically embody our world, while critiquing it. Embedded objects, found materials, and colors function as both artifacts and signifiers for our current cultural experience. Inherent messiness provokes questions regarding the realms of craft, sentimentality, and decoration; all perceived as historically “female” endeavors. The results present a visual and conceptual conversation between art and craft, readymade and manipulated, funny and tragic, inviting and repellent.


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