Erin Langley is an artist working and living in Missoula, Montana. 


My current work is probably best understood as indexical information. Found materials
and physical marks in the form of drips, globs, gouges and cuts suggest these works
are both object and subject. As objects, the paintings represent process and stasis. The
visual chaos teeters between solid design and implosion. As subjects, these paintings are in dialogue with the history of painting, specifically the “…drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur” of the Baroque. These works adhere to traditional color and design rules, and at the same time break, or at least push, these rules. Objects, found materials, and color function as both artifacts and more specifically perform as signifiers for a cultural female experience. Inherent ‘messiness’, provokes questions the audience may have regarding realms of craft, sentimentality, and decoration; all historically “female” endeavors. The results present a visual and conceptual conversation between art and craft, readymade and manipulated, funny and tragic, inviting and repellent.

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